Helpful tips for creating a research paper conclusion on autism interventions

Your conclusion of your research paper is the last thing your audience reads so it will probably be what they will remember the most. You should spend plenty of time creating your conclusion so it is worth remembering. Here are some helpful tips on creating a research paper conclusion on autism interventions:

  • One of the main points you should stress in your conclusion is your topic sentence. You should try to reword your thesis statement. Try to do this with only one sentence so you don’t seem like you are repeating yourself. You should try to put this summary in the first sentence of your conclusion.
  • Make sure you tell why you think your topic was important. You should only have to touch on this because your paper should have already stated what was important.
  • You should write at least one sentence on each of the main points of your paper. You will drive home these points if you review them in your conclusion.
  • Don’t introduce any new information in your conclusion. Your conclusion is meant to drive your points home. If you introduce new information at the end of your paper you may confuse your audience and stray from the points you tried to stress throughout your paper.
  • In many research papers it is a good idea to try to get the reader to do further study on the subject. This is a call to action. You are trying to instill in the reader the urgency to look into the matter further. You may also be prodding them to do something about your topic and act on it in some way.
  • The best conclusions tie the entire paper together by bring it full circle. This is done by restating what was said in the introduction. Sometimes people ask a question in their introduction. The conclusion is a great place to give the answer to the question after you restate it.
  • Whatever you do with your conclusion make sure you create something that your reader will remember. Reiterate the important parts of your paper and tell them why it is important.

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