Selection Of Interesting Undergraduate Research Paper Topics In Economics

Your Research paper is a very important part of your undergraduate studies; believe it or not it can be a break or make moment. It is important that this paper is done right. From the topic that you select to the content that you put in the paper to the grammar and punctuation to the packaging of the paper once complete; all these are very vital factors. A research paper can be candidly defined as the final product arising from an involving process of source evaluation, critical thinking, research, composition and organization.

As can be seen from the above, research is a very integral part of writing this paper. The paper that you write should provide enough details for the person reading the paper to get a deeper and widened scope understanding regarding the topic that you are writing about. That being said, we cannot ignore the fact that the topic that you choose to write on is a very important factor.

Remember that whatever topic you choose to go with, you need to be in a position to clearly explain each and every facet of that topic. You should be able to explain it and analyze it inside and outside. All the relevant information on the topic should be made available in your paper. It is often advised that students should always opt to pick a topic that is in line with the current affairs, especially when doing a paper on economics. There is usually a lot of information available on currently trending events and thus it would be much easier for you to get all the information that you need.

Below are good examples of topics that you can try out:

  1. Wealth distribution, income and poverty; are the available resources enough to meet our needs?
  2. Do banks play a necessary role in today’s economy?
  3. Is it possible to solve the crisis of ‘access capacity’?
  4. Is it necessary to put on a limit on private property ownership?
  5. An analysis of the issues underlying welfare reforms
  6. Quantitative easing has been put in place but the world economy is still sliding down, why is this so?
  7. Can failures in the market be blamed for environmental pollution?
  8. The food crisis in the world; is the problem food shortage or market shortage?
  9. Understanding the definition and causes of Hegemony
  10. Analyzing the world market pre and post the 2008 collapse