A List Of Unique Research Paper Topic Ideas For College

You will be asked to write a lot of research papers throughout school. It is a good idea to make sure that you choose a unique topic to write your paper on because that way you are more likely to get a better grade. When you write on a topic that your teacher hasn’t already read ten papers on, you are more likely to get a better grade just because she won’t be tired of reading it.

Also, if you and another classmate write a paper on the same topic, you may get a lower grade because their paper was a little better than yours and your teacher can’t see giving two people the same grade when one paper is better than the other. Even when teachers use the rubric system, which was designed to give teachers and students an idea of what to expect and help with the grading process, it is still subjective. If someone did one of the factors a little better, you may lose points when you wouldn’t have any other way.

Here are some topics to consider:

  • Methods of catching an escaped convict
  • Obamacare’s effectiveness
  • General Motors recalls
  • Ebola
  • Botched Execution in Oklahoma
  • NCAA vs O’Bannon
  • VA Medical Controversy
  • Religious Freedom Laws

These are a few ideas that many people will not think to write about. They relate to some of the most current events, so it may be a little more difficult to get a lot of information from all sources. When you are trying to choose a unique topic, it is easier to choose one that is about a current event.

What you decide to write about may depend on the class that you are writing the paper for. If it is for an English class, you usually have free reign to whatever topic you want. However, if you are in a science class, you have to choose a more relevant one. That is because the whole point will be for you to get a more in depth look at something in the realm of the class and the studies to see if you are able to relate what you have learned to the paper.

Be sure to use credible sources and to cite them properly. You want to give credit to the person who wrote the piece and you don’t want to get caught plagiarizing their work because it could cost you to fail the class or even get expelled.