5 Rules Of Writing An APA Format Research Paper Cover Page

For most writing projects written in APA format, of course, it is deemed essential to have a title page that is correctly laid out. It actually takes a few minutes to do for most of paper writers, so it’s just a piece of cake to handle and you have no excuse for getting it incorrect. Take note that this is regarded as the first part of your paper which everyone will see, that said it is just right to do it right so as to avoid creating a bad impression. In truth, you may think of it as a cliché but a lot of people judge a research paper by its cover.

Here are some rules which you have to bear in mind when creating an APA cover page:

The Title

The title is known as the most essential component and this must be center-aligned; that is, approximately halfway down the page. Keep in mind that this will be the complete title of your thesis, dissertation or research paper.

Your Personal Details

Your name, your school as well as the date of submission should be placed at the bottom part of the page. These should be center aligned.

It is worthy of note that this is regarded as the most inconstant component of the cover page and students may be required to include the name of their supervisor as well as the level of paper - term paper, thesis, and dissertation. Consider checking the recommendations from your department.

Your Running Head

Please be guided that this is perceived as the trimmed version of your title which simply means that it should be not over fifty characters in length. In addition, this will also serve as the header which you shall use at the top part of each page. Take note that this has to be left-justified.

Your Page Number

This one has to be created using the header function which is available in Word processing papers. It is worth mentioning that this must be separated from the page number by five up to seven spaces. Aside from this, it shall appear on each page all through the manuscript. This part should be right aligned.

Make sure that all the four critical rules are carried out.

By doing so, this shall provide you an outstanding cover page which will certainly reflect all the hard labor which you have gladly put into your research paper. You only have to correctly adhere to the APA guidelines and with that there will be no other thing needed.