5 Rules For Creating A Proper Research Paper Cover Page

Apart from the task of sourcing for adequate data for your research paper, it is also necessary that the paper is properly structured. This means that the various elements and pages that make up the academic paper should be arranged properly. One of such pages or elements is the cover page of your academic paper. This is a very important part of your paper and as such, great care should be taken when it is being written. This brings us to the rules guiding the composition of this part of your academic paper. Here are 5 rules you should not miss when creating the cover page of your paper. They are as follows:

  • Get Some Examples: This particular rule will help you ensure that you don’t miss out any details when composing the cover page of your academic paper. It will help you to better understand the structure and format of the cover page.
  • Stick To The Same Format: The cover page of your research paper should be formatted the same as the rest of the paper. This means that the margins, headers and font should remain consistent.
  • Keep It Simple And Clear: Your cover page should be simple and easy to understand. If your readers start having difficulty reading your work starting from the cover page, it would be easy for them to lose interest in your paper. Therefore, let the cover page be written in simple and clear terms or phrases.
  • There Should Be No Omissions: There are times that students make omissions because they are already running late with the submission of their research paper. As much as possible, don’t make any omissions on the cover page of your paper, especially the most essential elements of the paper which includes your name, the name of the professor, course code, department and date.
  • Edit And Revise: Don’t make the mistake of concluding that since the cover page is a short document, there is no need to edit and revise. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important pages that need to be carefully edited and revised before the paper is submitted.

These are the 5 rules that would help you to create a proper research paper cover page. Armed with these rules, it would not be difficult for you to quickly and perfectly create your paper’s cover page. If possible, you can create the cover page even before the body of the paper is done.