15 Research Topics About English Customs And Traditions

Great Britain has always been a place where people value their past even more than their present. Up till this day, an uncountable number of researches have been conducted to discover the most remarkable customs and traditions of English ancestors. Yet, the list is still half empty. Many branches of English history are covered in mystery and it’s your chance to make a meaningful difference!

Research Areas to Keep in Mind

It’s indeed highly advisable that you pick a topic that reflects your inner predispositions and fits your personal beliefs. If a chosen theme doesn’t evoke feelings of anxiety or anticipation, you probably made a wrong decision. Only by choosing the sector of British culture that is both challenging and thought-provoking can you can deliver a stunning paper. Therefore, here are the most fundamental spheres that are worth scrutinizing:

  • Gender roles
  • Politics
  • Social life
  • Religion
  • Symbolism
  • Patriotism
  • Literature

It’s likely that after going through this list, you will generate a few ideas regarding your future work. Remember that there aren’t any limits – only the borders of England. Be creative and imaginative. Make sure to find a story or tradition that truly makes you curious about its origins. Pay a visit to your local university and get a handful of advice from real history-experts. Learning the standpoint of others has always been a useful experience, so go ahead and do it.

The Non-Exhaustive List of Interesting Topics

  1. The history of unity. What customs are among the 4 nations?
  2. The mystery of tea. What is the origin of England’s most known tradition?
  3. What is a bank holiday?
  4. What makes British humor so out of the ordinary?
  5. Any mystery behind Burns’ night? What does it mean to Scottish people?
  6. Cricket: The story of the Britain’s most popular sport.
  7. Garden parties. Is everyone allowed to come?
  8. Marriage traditions. Is that true that English weddings are different from ones all over the world?
  9. Royal parties. What makes them royal? More tea?
  10. The mystery of Stonehenge. Is there a way to explain the emergence of these immense rocks?
  11. The Celtic origin of Halloween. Were any ghosts involved?
  12. Edinburgh festival of music and drama. What tragedy made people organize this annual tradition?
  13. The world’s famous Boat Race. Who’s the fastest?
  14. The mystery of Guy Fawkes. Did he really plan to blow the House of Parliament?
  15. What is so special about New Year’s customs in the United Kingdom?