Good Advice On How To Write A Research Paper On Nutrition

Health and diet are hot topics these days, and there is ample information out there about food and nutrition. So if you are writing a research paper on nutrition, there will be no shortage of material to read. However, if you want to make your paper more interesting, finding a unique angle will certainly help.

  • As with any research paper, you will follow the basic guidelines for the structure of a research paper.
  • Title page – you name, title of paper, name of educational institution, topic name, and number
  • Abstract – summary of overall paper
  • Hypothesis – overall objective, question
  • Description – of experiment or study undertaken to answer your question
  • Results - of experiment or conclusions drawn as a result of study undertaken
  • Conclusion – summarize the contents of the paper, and the purpose of the study, suggestions for further research.

Finding a topic

A quick browse of other papers and articles about nutrition may spark an idea for a topic or a question you would like to answer through your study. Or perhaps you have seen an article in a magazine or newspaper or a news story on television. Of course, the library and internet are helpful resources too. You may have a family member or a friend who has a particular health issue. This could prompt you to look into how some foods may help their condition.

Remember the hypothesis

As you are scanning various resources for ideas, remember that you are trying to formulate a hypothesis, a question that you seek to answer throughout your paper. Some examples of questions to may want answer are:

  • Is there a relationship between sugar and cancer?
  • Is coffee really bad for you?
  • The role of nutrition in managing autism
  • Can water really cure most headaches
  • Acid/Alkaline imbalance and its role in overall health
  • The nutritional value of popcorn


You have probably heard the term “brainstorming.” It is simply a matter of getting out a piece of paper, and pen and writing down whatever ideas come to you, no matter how silly they may seem at the time. You will be amazed at how, once you get started, you will find an endless amount of ideas popping out of your head.

These are a few ideas to help you get started. Nutrition is such a huge and varied topic; you are sure to find an idea once you start scanning books, magazines, journals and other sources of information.