Selection Of 18 Research Paper Topics About European History

History students are some of the luckiest students in the entire universe. The main reason for this is because they often are able to study things that have been in the public domain for so long. Therefore there is not much that you have to struggle with when you are looking for relevant information on how to make your paper a good one. For your research paper, it is also very easy to come across relevant topics that you can use, which will therefore help you have good discussion points to present for your work.

The following is a selection of some of the best research paper topics that you can use when you are writing about European history:

  1. Discuss the role that women played in European history
  2. Explain the Diaghilev rite of spring and its importance to European history
  3. Explain how capitalism was formed with inference to European history
  4. Discus the important role that geography played in the historical events in Europe
  5. Compare and contrast the history of Europe between the 13th and 14th centuries
  6. Discuss the process and events that led to the unification of Italy
  7. Explain how politics played a role in the spread of Christianity
  8. Discuss 1984 with respect to 20th century history of Europe
  9. Explain the roles of the women in the society in the 18th century in Europe
  10. Discuss the role that romanticism played in the political arena of Europe
  11. Discuss the tension that existed between the three major super powers in ancient Europe and how this affected the world as we know it today
  12. Explain the origin of gun ownership legislation, and cite some of the challenges that this has posed on the world today as we know it
  13. Discuss some of the major events that led to the second World War
  14. Discuss some of the reasons that have been advanced by European nations for the colonialization of Asia and Africa
  15. Discuss the nature of the misogyny that existed in the world with relation to pre-modern European witch-hunts
  16. Discuss the relationship that existed between Turkey and the European Union, and how this has affected the position that Turkey has today
  17. Discuss the imperialism of Europe in Africa, and how this still manifests in the world today
  18. Explain the impact that the Petrine reforms have had in Russia

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