Essential Parts Of A Research Paper Outline: Things To Remember

Research paper outline is essential as it can really affect the way your work and gets interpreted. It is not an easy task and can seem as tough as writing the paper itself. But, it definitely helps you to put down an impressive work without which your efforts in doing the work will not get reflected. If you do not write a good write-up your study will not be receive any appreciation and will not be taken seriously.

Writing a paper outline can become simple if you break it into its constituents. Usually these papers have a common structure and following this structure will ensure that you have done your work correctly. However, it is possible that every university, research guide and even discipline can prefer different structures were paper. Therefore, it is better to ask the supervisor to give advice on best format of the write-up.

Before you start with the outline, find out if there is a word limit. Your report should be longer than the words prescribed. Any information which would think is not fit to be included in the report can be mentioned in the appendix.

The main constituents offer the papers are:

Title and writers

The title to the writing should be informative. In case your paper has to be published in the Internet then you can use keywords to create your title. Many organizations have databases to search title by keywords.


This is the most important part of your paper and should not be more than 200 words. Usually people looking for papers read only the abstract and it should include the work, result and inference.


If your writing is not too big there is no need to include a contents page. It will contain sections and subsections.


Here, you can write a short background to your work so that anybody was not familiar with the subject may understand the relevance of your work with correct citations. The reader should get if your idea about what you are trying to prove.


It should mention the techniques used in your work in detail.


You should show care clearly the results you have derived. The best way to show your as ours is true graphs and tables. Do not mention raw data in this part, rather mentioned and in the appendix.


In this part you can discuss the results and also mention how they differed from what you expected.

Summary and conclusion

It will be just like abstract but a little more elaborate. Here you have to mention your findings in a gist.


For direct references have to be mentioned here.


Anybody who has been helpful to you in this work should be mentioned here.


Raw data, photographs, and other information which would not find place in report can be mentioned here.