How To Write An MLA Research Paper: Tips For College Students

If you are writing an MLA research paper for college, you will appreciate a few tips on how to save your time and prepare a high-quality assignment. The Modern Language Association style is often used in many academic institutions since it is easy to follow. There are many help guidelines on how to write an assignment using this style. The following tips for college students are designed to help you get started:

  1. Learn the general formatting rules.
  2. You should follow the general rules carefully. First, set your default font as Times New Roman, 12 point. Second, keep the margins of the page one inch on each side. Third, remember that you should use one space after periods. Fourth, the first lines of each paragraph should be indented one half-inch from the edge of your left margin. Use the tab key to make the indents. Fifth, double space throughout your research paper.

  3. Pay special attention to titles, page numbers, and endnotes.
  4. You can italicize your titles for emphasis. The MLA style normally does not require making a title page. However, remember to type your name, your professor’s name, the name of the course, and the date in the upper left corner of the first page of the research paper. The page numbers should be placed in the upper right corner of each page. Keep in mind that you can use endnotes, but list them on a separate page.

  5. Format the section titles correctly.
  6. Usually, research papers contain several sections. You should use Arabic numbers followed by a period in order to mark them accordingly. It is also necessary to space once prior to typing the title of the section. The title should announce the content of the section. It is recommended to keep it as short as possible. You should avoid abbreviations and complicated terms if possible.

  7. Cite the resources and compose a list of works cited.
  8. In the MLA style, a bibliography is called a list of works cited page. This is a separate page that provides a full list of resources that you have consulted while working on your assignment. Each resource should have the name of the author, title of the resource, publication date, the name of the publisher, and the place of publication. It is recommended to list the sources in alphabetical order.

You can get a comprehensive manual in the school library if you have further questions on how to format your work. It is also helpful to get a writing tutorial with examples.