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  • Children and adults alike will be delighted with this beautiful hardcover book by author and illustrator Marica Natali Thompson!
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  • Maggie Abbott's new release!
  • Saxon, Ming, and Heba, the glamorous women who comprise the Bimbo Syndicate, will take you on an unexpected journey that will keep you entertained to the end!
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  • Two Brothers Author Interview
  • Escargot books chats with Sofia Diana Gabel, author of TWO BROTHERS: ORIGIN, the first in an exciting, romantic YA Sci-Fi trilogy.
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  • Tegne - Soul Warrior
  • Mastery of the martial arts is a hallmark of the works of Richard La Plante. His heroes have carried readers into the heart of the warrior's craft - but never more so than in Tegné: Soul Warrior. As the boy grows to manhood, he becomes a fighting machine, but thoug
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  • Kevin Cotter
  • A sad farewell to an amazing author . . .
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  • A Great Summer Read!
  • A near-fatal mistake during the attempted bust by the cops leaves a bullet lodged in the right temporal lobe of Charlie's brain.
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  • RARE STAMPS Rare Stamps TERENCE STAMP Rare Stamps offers a revealing insight into the life of an actor and the making of a man.
    NEVER AGAIN Never Again RICHARD LA PLANTE "Never Again," Richard La Plante promised after he and his new wife completed building their family home in...
    JOG ON FAT BARRY Jog On Fat Barry KEVIN COTTER The 10 short stories that make up 'Jog on Fat Barry' symbolize the mishmash of difficulty that face people trying to muddle through an ...
    DEADMAN'S BUST Deadman's Bust CORY MARCHESE Deadman's Bust takes readers on a wild ride from the laidback pot growing counterculture of Humboldt County and into the harsh world ...
    GOING VIRTUAL: PART 1 Going Virtual: Part 1 TODD MILLER Going Virtual is the new business playbook for the new normal economy. It presents a paradigm that enables businesses to not only survive, ...
    HOG FEVER Hog Fever RICHARD LA PLANTE The original and quintessential book for the mid-life biker. A cult classic!
  • MANY STORIES Many Stories SEBASTIAN ORTH Many Stories, The Point Of The Needle, is a real, behind the scenes look at the world of tattooing, from 'scratching' to high art.
    HOTEL PASTIS Hotel Pastis PETER MAYLE As with many of his books, this delightful novel by Peter Mayle is once again set in rural France.
    ANYTHING CONSIDERED Anything Considered PETER MAYLE This delicious fictional confection by Peter Mayle is set, bien entendu, in Provence. . .
    FOGARTY - TANAKA BOX SET Fogarty - Tanaka Box Set RICHARD LA PLANTE Now you can get the first four books in Richard La Plante's acclaimed Fogarty-Tanaka thriller series in one boxed set!
    GOING VIRTUAL: PART 2 Going Virtual: Part 2 TODD MILLER Going Virtual is the new business playbook for the new normal economy.
    LAST DAY Last Day RICHARD LA PLANTE A near-fatal mistake during the attempted bust by the cops leaves a bullet lodged in the right temporal lobe of Charlie's brain.
  • DETOURS: LIFE, DEATH, AND DIVORCE ON THE ROAD TO STURGIS Detours: Life, Death, and Divorce on the Road to Sturgis RICHARD LA PLANTE Author Richard La Plante had always wanted to ride cross-country to Sturgis
    THE ACID KING The Acid King MAGGIE ABBOTT Four long-estranged friends from London's turbulent Sixties scene of sex, drugs and rock and roll are thrown together after seventeen years
    TWO BROTHERS: ORIGIN Two Brothers: Origin SOFIA DIANA GABEL What teenage boy doesn't want to fit in and have friends? That's what Argus Dachel, 17, wants more than anything, but because he's half alien. . .
    THE NIGHT The Night TERENCE STAMP Terence Stamp's first novel is a philosophical comedy,
    THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF CHILLY BILLY The Amazing Adventures of Chilly Billy PETER MAYLE Peter Mayle and Arthur Robins combine their talents to bring you this delightful children's storybook!
    FIRST BORN First Born RICHARD LA PLANTE First Born is a novel about an evolution in human consciousness. An evolution that bridges science, religion, and mysticism.
  • TEGNE Tegne RICHARD LA PLANTE Tegné: Soul Warrior is the epic story of a man's struggle with destiny, his quest for spiritual and physical perfection, and his development from an emotionless killing machine to a wise and caring leader of men.
    FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER Footprints in the Butter PETER MAYLE Footprints in the Butter continues the adventures of Chilly Billy, the delightful little man who lives in the fridge!
    TWO BROTHERS: HERITAGE Two Brothers: Heritage SOFIA DIANA GABEL In the second book in the Ramtalan Trilogy, Argus Dachel, a far-from-ordinary half-alien teen...
    THE BIMBO SYNDICATE The Bimbo Syndicate MAGGIE ABBOTT Saxon, Ming and Heba, glamorous girlfriends of three ruthless power brokers in the international oil industry, become instant friends...
    OH MY SWEET BABY Oh My Sweet Baby MARICA NATALI THOMPSON Oh My Sweet Baby touches on the never-ending connection mothers have with their children.

Newest Release:

  • The Bimbo Syndicate
  • Title: The Bimbo Syndicate
  • Author: Maggie Abbott
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Length: 318